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Main Session Speakers:

David Dusek (Morning Session) *
Chuck Stecker (Afternoon Session) *

Breakout Session A

Brett Lester - Thermostat or Thermometer
Steve Etner - Fear God
Jon Watt - Game Plan For Life

Breakout Session B:

Justin Fahrenbruch - Purpose, Potential & Destiny
Jay Payleitner - Hooray for Grandfathers
Aaron Hulett - Adversity to Victory

Breakout Session C:

Andrew Seppo - Disciple of Jesus: Spirit, Soul & Body
Jay Payleintner - Be The Dad
Greg Alexandar - Navigating in a Sea of Serpents

Breakout Session D

Eric Rose - Recruiting Teammates
Steve Etner - The Powerful Potential of Prayer
Marion Johnson - The Power Inside Us


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